Roller Coaster Fan? Plan Your Next Vacation Around These Thrill Rides

Vacation packages can vary from a Caribbean beach resort paradise to a mountain climbing adventure. What if you had a love of roller coasters and decided the perfect vacation was to ride as many as you could while still enjoying on-site hotels or perks? You can, by planning a roller coaster vacation at any number of theme parks.

Research The Roller Coasters at Each Park

Before you choose where to go, research the roller coasters within each park you are considering heading to. The more famous parks do have online videos and POV shots of their roller coasters so you can get a good idea of what the ride will be like. You can look up the park to see how many coasters it has, and if you are traveling with children, see if they have smaller, kid-friendly roller coasters for them (these are also great for those afraid of the ride.) It's best to find a park with a range of coaster types so everyone in the group gets a chance to ride.

Choose Your Park

While you could simply drive around and visit amusement parks within a short distance of each other, you could end up spending more just in gas driving to each park than you have budgeted for. Instead, choose a single park that meets the majority of what you're looking for. For example, Florida has multiple theme parks under one umbrella theme and you can attend most of them with a single ticket price. There are also parks around the country that offer on-site hotels and resorts and give discounts to the park entrance if you stay there.

Early Admission Times and Other Perks

Believe it or not, there are actual roller coaster vacation packages available through travel agents, travel websites and from the parks themselves. These packages can come with certain perks such as early admission times into the parks, front-of-the-line passes (you can bypass the entire line and get right on the most popular roller coasters) and meal and snack discounts – if not free food within the park's boundaries.

For larger parks, see if you can get a map ahead of time to help you plan out your trip and focus on those rides that really interest you. For some packages, it is possible to receive passes to some of the area's best known restaurants and nightclubs as well so your fun doesn't have to end once you leave the grounds.