3 Questions To Ask When You Are Choosing A Charter Transport For Your Church Group’s Next Trip

If you are planning now for a trip that your church group will be making in a few months, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to you. For instance, the number of people who will be on the trip will impact your choices, as will the prevalence of health and mobility challenges amongst those travelers. In addition, it will also behoove you to determine the safety record of any transport you might be chartering and to determine what will occur in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle while you are using it. Therefore, in order to be sure that you are choosing the most appropriate charter transport for the needs of your church group, determining the answers to the following questions is likely to be quite helpful.  

#1-Is The Vehicle Adequate For The Number And Needs Of The Riders?

One common mistake that many people make relates to the number of seats and seat belts in the vehicle as opposed to how people with mobility issues can safely and comfortably be transported. For instance, a wheelchair must be secured into place, and it is possible that some passengers don't need to exclusively use that adaptive device. That means that chartering a bus for a dozen people may actually require the use of a vehicle that fits 15 or more people if some wheelchair users do not want to sit in their chair for the entire trip.

In general, it is best to overestimate the space that you need as opposed to underestimating it, especially if you are planning for a long trip.

#2-How Safe Is The Vehicle And Driver?

Since a chartered vehicle usually includes the cost of a driver, you would be well within your rights to ask for verification of both the maintenance the vehicle has received and the driving record of the person behind the wheel. Each state has specific guidelines as to the requirements each person must meet in order to drive a bus, and federal laws also apply. 

However, you can still ask for specific information about the driver assigned to the vehicle you are interested in chartering, although they are not under a legal obligation to provide you with that information.

#3-What Happens If Mechanical Difficulties Or An Accident Renders The Vehicle Unusable?

Although you hope it doesn't happen and you want your journey to be free of incident, there is always the possibility of the vehicle being involved in a car accident or developing mechanical problems. When that happens, it is crucial for the company who owns the vehicle to have an emergency plan in place to see to everyone's needs as promptly as possible.

Therefore, the company should have a safety and recovery plan in place to protect everyone. That might be paying for motel rooms for the night while a replacement vehicle make its way to you if they don't have a facility near you. Alternatively, the plan might even be to rent an appropriate vehicle from an affiliated business nearby. Regardless, you should know what the plan is and how you would implement its use in case of a problem.

In conclusion, chartering transport for your church group is not as easy as many people think, given the variables that can impact your overall satisfaction with the experience. As a result, getting the answers to the questions provided above can help you to narrow down the options and be sure of your final decision. Contact a company like A&A Limousine & Bus Services for more information.