How You Can Live Close To The Base (But Not On It!)

Sometime after your first year or two of serving in the Air Force, you realize that you do not enjoy living on the base. There is no room you can call your own, you share a giant bathroom and shower room with others, and you cannot get enough peace and quiet when you want it on your days off. The reverse is also true-- you cannot throw a party on the base without repercussions. But if you are serving on the Altus Air Force base in Oklahoma, you can get the privacy you want without having to live right on the base.

Real Estate Agencies That Provide for Military

There are some real estate agencies near several army, air force, navy, and marine bases that focus their entire business on providing accommodations for officers and enlisted men and women. Some have multiplex apartments which they lease to military personnel, while others have vacant and fully furnished homes ready to move into. These "crash pads," as the realtors refer to them, are close to the bases but far more comfortable, private, and relaxed than living on the base or in the barracks. Altus AFB Crash Pads is one such company that provides more civilian-like residences for Air Force men and women in Oklahoma.

Benefits You Can Enjoy by Renting a Crash Pad

Soldiers get homesick. They are not supposed to show it, but being human, they want separation between their home life and service life, and living on the base makes them more homesick. If you feel this way, you can take the edge off your homesickness by living in a crash pad.

You can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • never having to move your belongings from one place to the next.
  • living in a fully furnished and fully equipped home that you can choose to purchase if you do not transfer to another base.
  • living with one or two roommates to split the cost of the rent, or living entirely by yourself if you can afford it.
  • living in a place that looks like a home because it is.
  • feeling very safe and secure because other personnel are not rifling through your stuff or picking a fight with you over something unimportant.
  • having a place to go to relieve stress and relax that does not involve a bar on the base or a bar off the base.
  • showering, shaving, and shining without someone else in the room with you.

If you have a spouse and or children, there are crash pads for families as well. Often, these rentals are targeted for individual servicemen and servicewomen, but only because the vast majority of the military is single. If you want to separate not only yourself, but also your family from life on the base, then look around for real estate such as Altus AFB crash pads.