5 Items To Pack For A Literary Vacation

A literary travel vacation is a trip meant to immerse yourself in the particular place that inspired a book or shaped an author. Whether you are a writer looking to find your own inspiration and voice or an avid reader seeking a deeper understanding of a piece of work you appreciate, literary vacations can be a way to connect with other literary enthusiasts while exploring a new place. While you will surely pack your favorite volumes along with a pen and journal, here are five things you might not have thought about packing that will enrich your vacation. 

Historical Guidebook 

Whether you are exploring a novel written a hundred years ago or a new release, it is important to understand the way history shapes a place. Before you leave, invest in a historical and cultural guidebook for your destination that outlines the major historical events in the area. This will give you a more complete sense of place and a better understanding of the inspiration the author of the book you are exploring had. 

List of Writing Prompts 

Writer's block can strike at any time, and for some people it has a pesky way of showing up when you are surrounded by inspirational settings and great literary works. A list of writing prompts will help you get the most out of the place you are in by forcing you to exercise your writing and reflective skills in a new environment. 

Sketchbook and a Good Camera 

Even if you are not an artist, you will likely want to capture some inspiration to take home with you. Whether you shoot the perfect photo to frame out of respect for your favorite author, or sketch a busy street that will become the basis of your new novel, you will need these tools if you plan on reflecting on your trip later.  

Business Cards 

Whether you go on a guided tour or your entire vacation is a group trip, business cards will let you connect with other people who share your literary interests. 

Notes About the Books or Author You Are Exploring 

Even if you will be exploring your favorite book, which you have read a dozen times, you should read it just before your trip and take notes on your favorite scenes and questions you have. These notes will guide your free time and help you have in-depth conversations with other literary enthusiasts. 

These five items will make your trip a more enriching, in-depth experience that you will remember for a lifetime.