A Few Reasons To Forego First Class And Fly Business Class On International Flights

For the most part, domestic flights have two different seating sections; you can fly first class, or you can fly economy. If the flight is short, and you want to save money for having fun at your destination, flying economy is the best way to go. When you are flying internationally, comfort becomes a serious issue. Luckily, these flights often have three different seating sections including first class, business class, and economy. Of course, of the three, first class is going to be the most luxurious. However, it is also the most expensive. Here are a few reasons to fly business class instead of either first class or economy (coach).

Domestic First Class Amenities Without the Cost

The business class seats on international flights are usually as nice as the first class seats on domestic flights. You can recline the back all the way to be able to lie down completely on many airlines. In addition, the food and beverages that come with the price of your ticket are of higher quality than those you would be served in coach or economy. 

Write Off the Expense

If you are traveling for business purposes, the accountant may not be willing to pay for a first-class ticket. However, you may be able to write the expense off a business-class ticket on our expense report and be reimbursed by the company. Talk with someone in accounting before booking your flight to find out which class the company will pay for. If you are traveling for pleasure but have some type of business venture going on, you might be able to write the expense off of your own taxes.

Travel-club Miles

Just like seating and food, the amount of travel-club miles you earn when flying business class is not quite as good as what you would earn with a first-class ticket, but better than economy-class tickets. If you are a frequent flyer, this will come in handy when you want to fly again. 

Flying business class saves you money without costing you any of the nicer amenities while traveling. You can sleep in comfort for as long as you want, and then have a nice meal while watching a good movie. When you consider the time change and jet-lag you will be experiencing, you won't want to be cramped in economy class for the flight. Then, when you reach your destination, the money you saved by not buying a first-class ticket can be used for something special or fun. Business class is a good alternative and a happy medium when flying internationally.

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