Tips On Interacting With Hotels Via Social Media

Unless you're a frequent hotel guest, you may not have thought about connecting with the hotel on social media before and after your visit. While some hotel guests share a recommendation online after a pleasant stay or use a review site to spread some good words about the hotel for other travelers, there's value in connecting with the hotel via social media before and after you check in. Here are some tips to try out on your next hotel visit to a higher-end hotel, as these are more likely to have a dedicated social media team than lower-end properties. Keep in mind that it's best to "Like" or "Follow" the specific hotel (if it has a social media account), rather than the hotel brand's parent company. This will give you direct access to those on site at the hotel you're visiting. 

Why Connect On Social Media?

You may wonder about the benefits of connecting with the hotel on social media. The good news is that the benefits extend both ways. You're giving the hotel some honest publicity, which it will likely use to share with its followers. Additionally, marketing staff at hotels love interacting with their guests in this manner. You may be surprised with a free room upgrade upon checking in or you could find some treats in your room as a token of the hotel's appreciation for your kind words.

Share Your Excitement

Once you've "Liked" or "Followed" the hotel on social media, share your excitement about visiting after you've completed your reservation — and remember to tag the hotel with the "@" sign and the hotel's name. For example, you could write, "Can't wait to visit @ExampleHotel this weekend for an anniversary getaway. The online pictures and reviews look awesome!"

Name Names

To reinforce your message, don't be afraid to write the name of the hotel staff members who stand out. For example, you could write, "Just checked in at @ExampleHotel. Jennifer at the front desk made sure that the process couldn't have been easier, and now I'm enjoying a fabulous view of the city." This type of mention shows management that the staff are meeting and exceeding customers' expectations, which will make everyone happy.

Provide Some Details Before Checking Out

Before you check out, think about the top moments of your stay and share them on social media. Even though you're leaving, you may be in for a surprise — for example, management could appreciate your words and give you a discount code to use during your next stay. Write something such as, "Had an outstanding stay at the @ExampleHotel. I'll definitely be back to enjoy the clean rooms, friendly staff and delicious complimentary breakfast."