Tips For Securing Your Boat Before A Hurricane Strikes

Once a hurricane is projected to hit your area, you have a limited amount of time to take action and protect your boat. Therefore, it is important to make a plan of action before hurricane season arrives. If you own a boat, here are some preparation steps you can take to secure your boat.   Consider Haul-Out Service Depending on the location of your boat and the projected strength of the hurricane, having your boat hauled to safer waters could be the best option. Read More 

3 Questions To Ask When You Are Choosing A Charter Transport For Your Church Group’s Next Trip

If you are planning now for a trip that your church group will be making in a few months, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to you. For instance, the number of people who will be on the trip will impact your choices, as will the prevalence of health and mobility challenges amongst those travelers. In addition, it will also behoove you to determine the safety record of any transport you might be chartering and to determine what will occur in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle while you are using it. Read More 

Consider Renting A Furnished Apartment While Your Child Recovers In A Children’s Hospital

When your child is sick and needs to stay at a children's hospital for an extended period of time, the family will need somewhere to stay. If there are no openings at one of the homes dedicated to the families of sick children available, you may want to consider renting an apartment in the area for your family to stay in until your child recovers. The guide below walks you through a few things to consider when searching for an apartment. Read More 

Tips On Interacting With Hotels Via Social Media

Unless you're a frequent hotel guest, you may not have thought about connecting with the hotel on social media before and after your visit. While some hotel guests share a recommendation online after a pleasant stay or use a review site to spread some good words about the hotel for other travelers, there's value in connecting with the hotel via social media before and after you check in. Here are some tips to try out on your next hotel visit to a higher-end hotel, as these are more likely to have a dedicated social media team than lower-end properties. Read More 

Planning A Fishing Trip With Your Kids? 4 Tips To Help Ensure A Safe And Enjoyable Adventure

You've decided to introduce your kids to deep sea fishing this summer. Deep sea fishing is a great way to catch fish and spend time with your kids. One of the great things about fishing is that it's an activity you can spend with kids of just about all ages. To ensure that you and your kids have a positive experience during your deep sea fishing trip, here are four tips you should follow. Read More